Your life doesn’t have to be this way forever. But when you can’t stop binge eating no matter how hard you try, it can feel like you’re stuck in a vicious cycle that’s never going to end.

No matter what’s brought you here or how long you’ve been struggling, counseling can help you fully recover from binge eating and start truly living again.

How Counseling Can Help You

Maybe you’ve been feeling so defeated lately that it’s hard to even imagine things being any different. But just think about how incredible it would be if you could:

  • Make peace with your body and take care of yourself consistently
  • Not be constantly thinking about food and what you’re going to eat next
  • Establish normal eating patterns instead of bouncing back and forth between extremes
  • Learn how to manage stress without turning to food
  • No longer feel guilty or ashamed about your eating

Counseling can help you experience all of that (and more!). Therapy can also help you:

  • Feel more confident and secure with yourself
  • Be more self-compassionate and less self-critical
  • Gain a sense of direction and purpose in your life
  • Reconnect with your passions and enjoy life more
  • Feel less lonely and more connected to others

You don’t have to just imagine your life being this way. With therapy, your life can become this way. The possibilities are truly endless when you have the help of an eating disorder counselor to work through this complex struggle.

Ready to get started?

As someone who has fully recovered from binge eating and helped countless others do the same, I know that it’s possible for you to overcome this struggle and experience life in a totally new way.

You don’t have to keep fighting this struggle on your own. Therapy can help you build a truly healthy relationship with food and end this battle with binge eating once and for all.

So, what are you waiting for? Getting started is simple: Call me at 281-785-2273 or email me at to learn more or to schedule an appointment with me. I look forward to helping you embark on this new journey!



Get Relief Soon

The sooner you start therapy, the sooner you’ll get relief. Getting started is often the hardest part, but as soon as you come in for the first session, you’ll start to feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.


Start Prioritizing Self-Care

Your time, energy, and money will always be limited resources. At the end of the day, you have to decide to invest in what’s most important to you. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so there’s no better time than now to start making your well-being a priority so that you can be the very best version of yourself.


Start Thriving

Instead of living on autopilot, counseling can help you live more purposefully and get the most of this season of your life. Don’t keep letting life pass you by! NOW is the time to create the life you want and start truly thriving instead of just surviving.

Get Started Today!