Frequently Asked Questions

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You don’t have to wait until you’ve hit rock bottom before starting counseling. In fact, outpatient therapy is most appropriate for you if you’re highly functional and are simply wanting support to work through certain issues or improve your life in some way.

Counseling can be a healthy outlet for you to process the things you’re going through and gain professional guidance and support. A therapist can give you a fresh and objective perspective to help you gain new insights and overcome the struggles that are currently holding you back.

Yes! Therapy is always confidential with just a few exceptions. For yours and others’ safety, I’m required as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) to notify authorities if I believe you’re at risk of harming yourself or someone else or I suspect abuse or neglect of a child or a person who is elderly or disabled.

The primary method of therapy that I use is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is the most recent wave of the cognitive behavioral therapies. This approach to therapy can help you be more present, relate to your thoughts and feelings differently, live in alignment with your values, and find greater meaning and purpose in your life.

Regardless of if you’re seeking in-person or online counseling, our first session will be held at my office in Houston, TX. When you arrive at our suite, simply take a seat in our waiting room and make yourself at home.

At your appointment time, I’ll come out to greet you and walk you back to my office. During the session, you’ll get a chance to share about what’s going on and why you’re coming to counseling at this point in time. Together, we’ll decide how often we should meet and create a plan for your treatment going forward.

The next step is simply to schedule an appointment, which you can do by either calling me at 281-785-2273 or emailing me at I look forward to helping you embark on this new journey!