If you’re looking for a Houston therapist for help with depression, then you or someone you love is struggling, and you’re wanting to find a counselor who can help. Depression is one of my primary specialties as a therapist and one of my favorite areas to help people work through in counseling.

Whether you’re feeling depressed because you’re going through an especially tough time right now or you’ve just been in a funk lately and can’t seem to get yourself out of it, I can help you through therapy.

Maybe you haven’t been feeling like yourself and have just been dragging yourself through the motions of life lately. Sure, you’re doing what you need to do to get by, but you’d give anything to stay in bed all day if you could and not have to face life, and it takes more energy than you think it should to get yourself ready and out the door every morning. If you’re saying “Amen!,” then it’s possible you may be struggling with depression.

If someone asks if you’re tired, you laugh to yourself, thinking, “When am I not tired?”┬áThe fact that you constantly feel so exhausted and drained┬ámakes it hard to truly desire doing things — like any things — like taking a shower, being around people, or doing any of the things you actually used to enjoy that would now feel like a chore. Life might feel colorless and you might feel numb and detached from it and others, like a walking zombie putting one foot in front of the other but not really connecting with the world around you. If you’re still nodding along and can relate all too much, then it’s possible you may be struggling with depression.

Maybe you’ve even had the thought, “Is this really all there is to life? It’s the same stuff, different day…over and over again. What’s the point?” If you’ve had some of these thoughts lately, then yep…you guessed it…you’re likely struggling with depression.

As a counselor, I can tell ya, everyone has had moments when they’ve felt depressed, but if you’ve been reading along and consistently thinking, “YES! That’s me!” and have been feeling depressed a lot of the time lately, then it’s likely that you’re struggling with depression and that therapy could help you right now.

Depression affects each person differently, so your own struggle with depression doesn’t have to look like your friend’s struggle with depression or how you’ve seen depression portrayed on TV. Most of my clients are very functional to the outside world, but are deeply struggling inside in a way that only they could really know. If you’re at all feeling empty, dissatisfied, or lacking joy in your life, then therapy could be just the thing you need right now to help you start feeling like yourself again and start truly living instead of just surviving.

If you’re thinking about starting counseling, but are still on the fence about this whole therapy thing, feel free to reach out to me at 281-785-2273 or and we can chat about what you’re going through and how I can help!