Christian Counseling

If you’re looking for Houston Christian counseling, then your relationship with God is important to you, and you’re hoping to find a Houston Christian counselor (maybe even a soul sister?) who shares your beliefs and values, completely gets where you’re coming from and what’s most important to you, and can provide you with professional counseling from a Christian perspective.

I earned my Masters in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary — a three-year counseling graduate program that includes an additional year of Biblical and Theological Studies — so that I could provide distinctively Christian counseling to people seeking exactly that.

As a Christian counselor, I believe that we are all made to know and love God and that Christian counseling is one of the many ways in which God reaches us in our brokenness and provides us with comfort, healing, and restoration. My vision as a Christian counselor is to approach each person as I believe Jesus does: meeting them wherever they are with grace, while continually pointing them towards Truth. That being said, I believe God has called me to minister as a therapist to both Christians and non-Christians from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems, so I’m very sensitive to meet each person wherever they are with that piece of things.

For those seeking distinctively Christian counseling, there are many benefits to working with a trained Christian counselor. For one, Christian counseling can help you feel God’s presence and understand how He’s working in your life in the midst of your struggles. In addition, a Christian counselor can help you discover biblical answers to various questions you may have regarding God, life, death, eternity, etc. Christian counseling can also help you gain clarity regarding God’s Will for your life and give you practical guidance on how to live your life for Him. Lastly, a Christian counselor can help you keep your life centered on God and spur you on to share your faith with others.

At the end of the day, my primary hope as a Houston Christian counselor is for each person I work with to gain a deeper understanding of the gospel and love God and others more as a result. I consider it a great honor to get to be a part of the work God is doing in people’s lives through therapy and I would love nothing more than to aid in the process of God’s healing in your own life.

If you’ve been thinking about starting Christian counseling, but have been dragging your feet on getting something scheduled, feel free to reach out to me at 281-785-2273 or and we can chat with about what you’re going through and how I can help!